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My 2 Boyfriends

by Emilia

I know this is wrong
But it's with you I belong
I think of you everyday
Without you my blue sky turns gray

I think of the time we've spend together
If it just could go on like this forever
If you only could see
That you mean everything to me

I know I have a boyfriend
But I'm falling for you
I know I have a boyfriend
But I can have two

We're sitting in my car
I Play a song on my guitar
"Heaven" your favorite one
That night my heart you won

You kissed me on the cheek
After that I was unable to speak
I didn't know I could feel this way
I didn't know what to say

You're just like a dream
The cutest thing I've ever seen
How can I live my life without you
When I want to live for you

I'm going to tell him about you
I know this will make him blue
To say this feeling I have is true
That my heart is beating only for you..I Love You!