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Lose My Virginity

by Karina

How do i know if i'm ready?
I know i'm willing
But is it to early?
I know there are many risks
But i'm a slave to your kiss
I dont just want to get it over with
I know this is something priceless
And i want it to be with that special someone
I know it'll be an experience i'll never forget
So i want it to be romantic and perfect
I love you so much
I'm so sure your the one
But i still have some doubts
Because we are both still so young
I'm not scared of the pain
Only of the drastic after change
That's the only thing stopping me
The risk of having a baby
I've always wanted to wait until marrage
And i know you respect that
Which makes it even harder
Cause i know your a real man
But i just dont know if i'm ready
And until i'm 100% sure
We cant get dirty
I still love you with all my heart
But i'm just not ready to lose my virginity!