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But I love him now and I loved him then...


Making you cry.
Maybe I should just die.
Since I am already dead inside.
Because you thought it was a lie.

My heart has sank so low.
I never wanted to let you go.
Oh how I love you so.
I just wanted you to know.

I have made mistakes before.
But how could I treat you so poor.
How could I slam the door.
I apologize to your heart I just tore.

I never wanted it to end this way.
I cry on my bed as I lay.
I swear I am not okay.
All I can do is pray.

Please forgive me.
Do not set my heart free.
With you, is the only place I want to be.
I just wish you could see..

I never knew how painful those words could be.
But to the lock around my heart, you still have the key.
Wont you just hear my plea.

Forgive yourself, you are not a fool.
I am sorry those words were so cruel.
Forgive me for I have lost my cool.
Now I am nothing but a broken fool.

How can I be happy, how can I be glad.
I miss the love we had.
I am sorry I am so upset, I am sorry I am so mad.
But all of this just makes me so sad.

I am sorry I cried.
But I just felt like I died.
I swear I never lied.
I just want to be buried by the tide.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.
I just want him to smile again.
Game over, I lose, you win.
But I love him now and I loved him then...