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Liquid Rose

by Poetic Tragedy08

Watching slowly
As you walked away
Through these sleepless eyes
No sleep for days

No turn, no glance
No feel from you
A simple hi, but no thought
Is it no longer true?

Let this liquid rose bleed...

I don't know anymore
I'm still confused
Still hurt, still pain
Starting to feel used

A hard heart is forming
I can't keep this going on
Staying awake all night
With no sleep till dawn

Let this liquid rose bleed
Don't make it stop
We know how it feels
To bleed every drop

Love isn't lingering
Its touch used to be here
Now I've seem to replace it
With hurt, pain, and fear

Don't bother anymore
For you I used to have a need
And so did you....
Now let this liquid rose bleed