Read Love Poems


by Bill Turner

At moments I have had a tough life
Wild fights in the street
Out of the darkness, the glint of a knife
Someone always getting beat

I have been left bleeding in the street
Living to fight another day
I returned the favor, next we did meet
I knew no other way

Years of violence and dark
Scars to show for the pain
Out of the light and in the dark
Drenched by the blood black rain

I have seen people at the end of a rope
I held them as they were put that way
At times I lost all hope
No light to find my way

During those dark, desperate days
I never knew fear
I could handle those ways
Ask my friends, you’ll hear

The only fear I have ever known
Is the fear of losing you
The only fear I have ever shown
Is my fear of losing you

You see a side of me
No one has ever known
You see all of me
My heart, your home

I sit here alone tonight
Knowing you love me heart and soul
I sit here, our love pure and right
Knowing our life together, our goal

This morning I had the worst dream
You left me for a life of less
When you didn’t answer I wanted to scream
I spent the day, my mind a mess

Losing you, a stupid fear
I can replace it all but you
Losing you, my only fear
What I need to hear: I love you

Hold me into the night
Share your love and your life
It is all in the world that is right
Tonight, hold me my eternal wife