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I Never Got To Say

by edy

You seem so so close
Yet your miles away
But forever in my heart
That's your place to stay

I never got to love you
Nor tell you that its you I want
But I cared enough to say
That you could have been the one

You could have been the one
To help me make my dreams come true
You could have been the first person in this world
That I told " I love you"

The day never came
Becuase my days were cut short
Therefor i never got to love thee
Nor even get to start

I just want you to know
That years have come and gone
But your place in my heart
Is there forever it makes me one

Maybe one day will come
Where I'll get to see you again
But until that day comes
I can only be your friend

But when I see you again
If love proves to sweep me off my feet
I wont let you escape my grasp
Because just the other day
It was as if you made my life complete