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It's not easy

by facedownindirt

It's not easy
to cry all night
just knowing that he'll never
hold you tight

It's not easy
to be all alone
keeping yourself
and your tears not shown

It's not easy
when he doesn't care
and when you know in your heart
that he's not there

It's not easy
to think about him
after he's gone
and your life is so dim

It's not easy
to break his heart
when you know that you loved him
from the very start

It's not easy
hating your life
and hating yourself
for using the knife

It's not easy
knowing the truth
and wishing on a penny
for the fountain of youth

It's not easy
when the words are in your head
but you just can't tell him
so your feelings are unsaid

nothing is easy
and nothing is fair
when you no in your heart
that he was never there