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This Love Is Mine

by BrookerBabii*

I'm in a new relationship
Everything has been true
I have somebody to go to
When I don't know what to do

He's been there when I needed him
He's caught me when I fall
He's so sweet and trusting
He's definitely unlike them all

He's proven to me that he cares
And that he's nothing like the rest
I never have to worry about
Being my absolute best

I can be myself around him
Which is something that is rare
Sometimes I think i'm in love
Because for him, I really do care

I never want to lose this one
He gets more sweet each day
I never thought it was possible
To like someone so much this way

I know I'll never regret this poem
Expressing how I feel
I've never been in a relationship like this
That feels so amazing and real

I don't know where I'd be right now
If he hadn't come changed my life
But I know I'll never have to return
To my old bad habit (the knife)

He's helped me conquer my fears
Now I can walk around strong
Because I have the perfect man
He keeps me away from what's wrong

I know he really cares about me
Or he wouldn't spend so much time
Being with me and helping me out
Thank God, This Love Is Mine.