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The One I Love

by TheDevilHimself

The one I love

This poem is written for the one I love
Written with a pencil and stars above
I found my love in your heart
I wanna live together and not apart

Being together by candles shining bright
Dancing on the beach by moonlight
Flying over mountains so high
Burning clouds you'll find in the sky

Every kiss I gave and will give you to say goodbye
Is a part in my heart, a part in my mind
No matter what you do no matter what you say
Every body knows that love can be blind

I'm not killing, hurting or neglecting you
Because I just don't wanna lose you
To be with you feels so great
My love for you is stronger then my hate

All my dreams are starting and ending with you
Always dreaming and thinking about you
Never hold my thoughts somewhere else
Never think about burning hells

I miss your arms surrounding me
I just want your voice around me
I wanna be together with you
Always holding my arms around you

Will hug you till death
Be together with you until my last breath
I just wanna love you more and more
cause I've never loved someone like you before