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To fear, together

by kareeenuhhh

You are my angel
You are my love
You are everything I really want
Without you baby I can't live
Without you hunny I can't move
Without out you I could cry a river
You make me happy you make me shiver

You are that star I wish upon
You are that sparkle in my eye
You are the sunlight of my day
You are the rose I smell each day
The tear in my eye I make
You are the chocolate that I love
You are the treasure that I found

God send you just for me
Sweetie we were meant to be
To hold each other when were blue
You make me smile when you're here
You make me smile over there
You make me smile when I cry
You make me smile all the time

we'll climb Mt. everest
the highest peak
we'll scuba dive to the titanic.
we'll live in Antarctica, for almost a year
we'll walk on the moon
we will fear everything that we dare to fear.