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Since I met You

by *Cindy*

Since I met you
I'm up & down
You're always here
But not around

You're in my heart
Won't go away
I've been in love
Since that day

The pains so deep
in my soul
Shameless I am
Guess I'm your fool

I put you first
Forget I'm here
& you do the same
is why I fear

Strongest influence
I've ever known
Just call it love
CZ it's been shown

How can a human being
hurt & long so much?
Risk their life for another soul
Just to feel their touch

A vibration sent
front he soul to brain
Having feelings so deep
They drive you insane

Stuck on one person
Knowing 6 billions there
Never in a lifetime
Will another compare

Can't understand
How loves so strong
Continuing to do it
whether it's right or wrong

Give everything up
& in a second take a chance
love is blind
& the only circumstance

I guess all my life
I'll never really know
Why I never could
Just let you GO!!

We have 1 first love
& you were mine
But you're the only one
who completes me fine