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The foundation of Sand

by Amit

The moments of happiness are here again,
how beautiful it is, to see our love grow.
Every season now seems wonderful and new,
whether it be hot summers or winter snow.

I've never been in such a deep affection,
as deeply, as I am now a days with you.
Your sincere affection keeps telling me,
that no other girl loves me like you do.

With the imprint that you've left inside,
you will always be close to this heart.
your love has this great power over me,
that I am hurted more, when you're hurt.

tears started to flood my eyes everytime,
whenever you tried to push yourself away.
Without you, I can never feel complete,
I realized, I can't live any single day.

The bond that's shared among me and you,
is the bond that binds us together as one.
I can't ever imagine loving anyone else,
you are that special and the only one.

With your love, my days seem so beautiful,
whether it be your kiss or just a smile.
Be it holding your hand or a gentle hug,
or thinking about walking with you a mile.

Your sweet, unwavering thoughts of love,
fill my world with happiness and delight.
We're the pair that won't ever seperate,
will remain together as moon n the night.

My love has its faith and trust in you,
your heart, though burdened, beats in me.
In the grace n tenderness of your beats,
my sincerity is my true love's guarentee.

Soon one day, we'll be together as one,
entwined forever, and never to seperate.
I will always be the one to make sure,
to make you feel I am your perfect mate.

I will nurture the world of your dreams,
with my love so unconditional and true.
With trust n sincerity I'll strengthen,
the foundation of Sand once built by you.