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As long as I have you (Rhyme)

by Goth

Theres a lot of talk,
About you and me,
I dont think anyone,
Will just let us be.

I love you so much,
And I just about died,
When you stood in front of me,
And just started to cry.

Its tears of joy,
That ran down your cheek,
One' for every second,
That you didnt speak.

Its never been the same,
From that moment on,
When I asked you to marry me,
And we became one.

From that day fourth,
Its plain to see,
Theres still a lot of talk,
About you and me.

I promise to love you,
For the rest of my life,
Thats the reason,
I made you my wife.

Let them talk,
And do what they do,
It doesnt matter to me,
As long as I have you.