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Hidden Dreams

by Ann Stareyes

If only I could've met you
All those years ago
If I could've loved you
With all my heart and soul.

If I could've had the chance
To be the love of your life
If I could've been your only dream
And chosen to be your wife.

If I could've shared your life
Never would you had a regret
I know you would've loved me
A love you'd never forget.

You would've been my Romeo
I could've been your Juliet
We could've written a love story
From the very moment we met.

It would have been a story of love
That was genuine and pure
A love that could melt hearts
This I know for sure...

These dreams are now shattered
Our paths crossed to late in life
The choices we'd make today
Would bring to much pain and strife...

But I always want you to know
You'll always live in my dreams
You captured a piece of my heart
And truly made it sing.

I love you still today
More than words can say
You truly touched my heart
In an unbelievable way.

Now our chance of happiness is over
We know it can never be
But you'll always live in my heart
And remain close to me.