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She Never Said, He Never Knew

by Lost & Delirious

She stands there,
Quietly stares.
He's just there,
Makes her crave.

She longs to scream,
But she only dreams.
She sees his face,
It never fades.

She will feel restless,
Won't sleep tonight.
She will turn hopeless,
It doesn't feel right.

He makes her stutter,
So she only wonders,
What could it be,
If they could meet.

Now she is in love.
Hope soaks her soul,
She swims in faith,
That'll make her break.

Then he's there with his girl,
She's there with her smile,
Ripped, broken, extinct
Just waiting to cry.

Guiltiness fills her heart,
She's falling apart.
Hope pours from her eyes,
Now she wonders why.