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The Picture

by TinyDancer46

Staring at this picture
As tears fall from my eyes
It's you and me together
Before we said goodbye

I know this photo's fading
But I can't throw it away
For a smile comes to my face
When I think about that day

Your arms so tight around me
Softly letting me know
That I'd be safe forever
That you never would let go...

But just like all good things
It all came to an end
My whole world came crashing
As you became my friend

I hate being friends with you
Can't take it anymore
For you're still deep in my heart
The same way as before

But I'll smile when I see her
Holding on so tight to you
Act as though I'm happy
Despite what I'm going through

I'll turn and walk away
And when you aren't near
I'll think about the picture...
Bite my lip and fight the tears