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Parting with unwanted Love

by Lithium

I live to love you,
But it may be the death of me,
To love someone so fair,
My hearts blind to see,

All the pain this causes,
And the hurt it puts me through,
Yet you don't even no how I feel,
Just 3 little words "I love you",

You can't see this hurt,
Because I put on a disguise,
I don't wont you to know,
Without you I'd die,

Your my breathe of air,
The beat of my heart,
The thoughts in my mind,
The paintbrushes art,

I kissed you goodbye today,
Watched you walk away,
I won't see you again,
Until a number of days,

If I had one wish,
I would tell you how I feel,
Put forward these feelings,
That are so real,

If I could be with you for one more day,
I'd tell you tomorrow,
But I just know this love is unwanted,
Therefore parting is such sweet sorrow.

©Samantha Jayne Reed
Wrote on September 16th, 2005