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The pain that he caused

by Tess Beautifully Broken

At first to me everything was sunlight,
But now everything is dark to my eyes.
I want to scream,
I want to shout,
I want to see why everything I believe he defies.

When his eyes closed slightly,
Further and further I fall,
Love then to me was everything,
But now it means nothing at all.

He made me in love,
He made me happy,
He made me believe,
He made me think he was from up above.

But then his temper went out of hand,
He held my wrist tight,
He made tears sting my eyes,
He let me fall,
He didnâ?'t care where I might land.

I wanted so badly to stop him,
But then again,
I thought I loved him,
So I let him tear me apart,
Limb by limb.

The bags under my eyes,
The bruises all over,
Black and blue,
How could I believe all these sarcastic lies?

I felt so used,
I felt so alone,
I felt this way until I grabbed my phone.

My heart beat as a listened to the dial tone,
When him picked up the phone,
I broke up with him,
As strange as it seems,
I no longer felt alone.

As I walked away,
And never looked back,
I put aside all my pain,
And I started to gain,
All the years I had lost,
I tried my best to wipe away the icy frost.

I was no longer blinded by love,
I met someone new,
Someone I knew that I earned,
Lesson learned.