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You Are My Everything

by Poetic Tragedy08

It's too hard to explain
Too hard to try and say
But I still try to tell you
Each and every day

Love is a confusion
That everyone knows
But it's a path in life
That everyone has chose

Your smiling eyes
That I gaze into
Getting lost in love
Saying, "I love you"

If there was only one
Just one I had to choose
You and your love is it
Because I just can't refuse

You're the only one I'll need
The only one I'll ever care
This path to your heart
Baby just take me there

When I hold you just right
It's so hard to explain
The beating of your heart
Is where I need to remain

As you listen to my heart
Beat its never ending love
Or as I listen to yours
You're the only one I can think of

Heavens in your eyes
So now I'll stare deep
I love you so much
Your love let me keep

I'll take time to say this
Because it's affecting
I'll never look away
You are my everything