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Summer Night

by Lost & Delirious

Every night, I close my eyes,
I imagine crystal stars,
When your shining eyes meet mine,
Just a glimpse makes me fly.

While my soul touches thin sand,
White moonlight caresses my skin,
You silently take my hand,
I adore you and the cool wind.

The sound of ripples of the sea,
Promises and endless sleep,
Sings the whispers that we keep,
Now our heaven is so clear.

The taste of your love,
Is as sweet as I'd hope,
Your angel kisses I desire,
Just the thought takes me higher.

The scent of the night is wet,
A perfect breath from you I get,
I can't avoid to follow your smell,
It's too late, I've already fell.

At midnight, I'm awake,
Realize that all was fake,
So I calmly pray and wait,
For that summer night I crave.