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Beside You Tomorrow.

by Not Bulletproof

"The farther I fall,
I am beside you.
As lost as I get,
I will find you.
The deeper the wound,
I am inside you.
Forever and ever,
I am a part of you."

We'll always be side by side,
Holding hands on sidewalks,
Walking on the fallen leaves,
Under blue skies that tint pink.

Sitting on a bench by the beach,
Watching the sun descend slowly,
The sky many shades of beauty,
But still not as beautiful as you.

My head rested on your shoulder,
And your head gently on mine,
Your arms holding me so close,
Wishing we could stay for all time.

As the sun descends down past,
The shimmering ocean of blue,
Dark skies rise and stars light up,
And the moon light guides us home.

Holding my hand as we walk slow,
You stop and you face me,
We stare into each other's eyes,
And you kiss me, so gently.

I close my eyes to soak it in,
Remembering each tingling sensation,
Your lips so tender upon mine,
The best feeling ever...

We smile and we walk, all the way home,
Through streetlights and headlights,
We skip and we giggle...
Every moment with you is a new paradise,
That I never want to leave.

All through the night,
We lay in our bed, together,
Tightly holding each other,
Not able to sleep,
Because we're afraid to miss something.

Because a dream never will do,
Even if you're in my arms,
I want to spend every moment,
Awake, with you, with my breath taken.

You captivate me, with your charms,
Everything you do makes me smile,
I love you beyond legal limits,
More than you would -ever- know.

I love how you're always beside me,
And always are holding my hand,
The way you intend to never let go,
And I love you. I always will.

Tomorrow, can we watch the sunset?
And walk beneath that shinning moon?
We could count the stars and swear,
That they could never equal our love.

Tomorrow, can we do everything?
Could we be together and hold each other?
Will you hold my hand, tomorrow?
I love you baby, let's be together tomorrow.

Sarah Gammon ©

- I love you.
Thanks for reading -xxx-.