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Have you ever......?

by ♥•oOo MaDdiSoN ♥•oOo[[i LuV JoSiE]]

Have you ever felt like crying
when nobody else is there?
have you ever said I love you
hoping they will care?

do you ever look into their eyes
hoping your in their heart
wishing that they loved you
and missed you when your apart

have you ever had a friend
who's with the one you love
you wish that they loved YOU
and was your one from above

do you ever say to yourself
that they won't make you cry
so instead you hold onto the knife
wishing you would die?

have you ever cut yourself
to try to rid the pain
but finding in the moment
that its all you ever gain?

have you ever been right there
when there saying they'll always be
but hoping that they will break up
thinking 'now he can be with me'

have you ever been so selfish
that you tried to make them see
that they don't belong together
that they weren't meant to be

do you ever get so sad
that you don't no what to do
do you ever get so lonely
that you don't no if its true?