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Have you

by Jenn

Have you ever just felt like you were going to cry
Just get a little upset and dont know why
Your having a fun time and everything is going so good
Feeling to many emotions that you wish you understood
Ever have someone but yet you feel so alone
Asif your heart and soul is as solid as stone
And feel that only way you what you feel is if you write
Maybe its because of getting close to someone is my fright
Having that something I used to have with another heart
Even though thats gone it hard to have to start
I want nothing to do with my past
But I dont want to give up my heart to fast
I dont think I could handle being hurt one more time
These feelings I have feel like such a crime
I just want to skip it all and have what I used to
Because I know that the only one I want and need is you
I just Have this big fear of being heart broken
And I dont want to leave these words unspoken
Its very hard to explain what Im trying to say
Just promise that you will be true and with me stay