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Life without you

by CuRsed AnGEL

Life without you
Is like a beat without the rhyme
Is like a clock without the time
Life without you
Is like a body without the mind
Is like the wine without the dine
Life without you
Is like a dog without the bark
Is like a fire without the spark
Life without you
Is like a son without his mother
Is like a daughter without her father
Life without you
Is like veins without the blood
Is like a heart without the love
Life without you
Is like a blade without the sharpness
Is like a touch without the tenderness
Life without you
Wait . . . thats it
I have no life without you in it
Every time I wake up I wanna cry
Cause your never there by my side
I'm terrified of the thought of not
being with . . . you
I'm haunted by the days we spent together
If your suffering like me please tell me
Without you my heart can't beat
Without you i can't think
Without you I can't . . . feel
Ever since you left . . .
I've been dying a little every day
But even if I could I wouldn't
wish the pain away
So I guess what I'm trying to say
Is I can't and I refuse to live in
A Life Without You