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Loving you

by Rachel

I love to listen to you talk,
as you open up to me,
expressing what your feeling,
and everything you see.

I love they way you listen,
and how i know you understand,
everything I'm mumbling,
and help me through it with your hand.

I love how you give me advice,
and tell what or not to do,
You always make me fell better,
and help me pursue.

I love the way you help me,
Whether is night or day,
your always there,
every step of the way.

I love the way you make me smile,
and make me glow with delight,
You take away my fears,
and make everything alright.

I love everything about you,
And you'll always be my Friend,
I guess what i cant accept,
Is that i will love you forever and always till the end.