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The Perfect Guy

by Rachael

A figment of my mind,
Just my imagination?
The perfect guy?
An underestimation.

You tell me I look beautiful
When I know I really don't,
You always make me laugh
Even though I say I won't.

You open up my eyes
To a world I never knew,
An attitude so accepting
I've only found in you.

You love to shop
And you're always in style,
You've got an addicting personality
That you maintain all the while.

They say such harsh words
They taunt and ridicule,
But you hold your head high
They're just close-minded fools.

You're especially creative
Much more experienced, and fun
I love to sit and talk to you
When the day is done.

You take the time
To hear me out,
I know it's true
Without a doubt.

You listen carefully
To each word I say,
Let's face it ladies
The perfect guys are gay!