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If Love Was Forever

by edy

It's time to move on
At least so I think
Because for some reason my heart is saying
That you no longer love me?

Why I don't know
It just hurts inside
I just sit here in tears
Wondering why

If I loved you so much
Why would you turn your back
Everyday I loved you more
Tell me, what's wrong with that

I never made you cry
Because It never crossed my mind
I tried to make you happy
I'm still wondering why....

Why would you say
That you no longer love me
Why would you say
That im now just a friend to thee;

I just want to know
For maybe the next time
That way I know what to do
So they will forever be mine

I find myself at night
Wanting to talk you to sleep
Kinda like we used to
But you no longer love me

With everything to lose
And nothing to gain
I feel so empty
I'm going insane

I just write you again
Because maybe its a dream
But I find this to be real
You've actually left me

One last I love you
Is all I have to give
Because My life without you
I never thought I could live

But reality has hit
Love comes and goes
But just please dont forget
That I'll always love you so....