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River Of Tears

by Ann Stareyes

Trying to search my heart
For answers I desperately need
Wondering why I let you invade my life
When I knew things could never be.

Your sweetness and charm
Enticed me with hope
You fulfilled the loneliness
And made life easier to cope.

As I looked into your eyes
I seen through the window of your soul
I saw a heart filled with love
A heart I knew could never turn cold.

But it just wasn't quite enough
When you were torn by two
Two women that you loved
And it was tearing your heart into.

But you had a choice to make
To set one of us free
To release all of your love
And that one was me.

Love is like a river of tears
Your heart like a jigsaw puzzle
Your emotions become shattered
Then you loose a part of you for-ever.