Read Love Poems


by Katlynn

I think about everything tonight.
the color of your eyes.
the dieing of my own world.
not knowing how much you really love me.
but tonight i think it's gonna end up bad.
another mistake from me once again.

the feelings creep up on me.
knowing i won't be able to see.
the way you act the way you want me.
maybe it's all lies from me and you.
what if you didn't want me before.
just wanted something to hold.

i just don't want you to let me go.
i don't want you to show me off.
let me threw the door.
and kick me out.
all i would or could do is shout.

i can't do that anymore.
i tried so many times 3 before.
if you leave me tonight.
then that's the end of it.
you mean the world to me.
and there's no one out here to help me out.
with this pain from of what it is coming out.

I'll tell you my last i love you.
leaving that behind me.
If you begin to do it tonight.
because that butterfly is turning into something worse.