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An enchanted box

by katie!

I hear it, that precious sound, floating to mine ears
Like a sparrow caught upon the morning breeze
Thou hath mine heart in an enchanted box
Where mine happiness resides with perfect ease

Herein, I lie beneath the oaks with my love
Her heart beats softly within mine eyes
Thine hair so divine flows gently in the wind
As I keep with the angels whilst the tradegy doth cry

Soothe mine soul with thine honey covered voice
Bitter sweet pain rips each of mine eyes apart
Within that decorated box, enchanted with ages
Lies mine agonies each unrequited hour of mine heart

An angel has cometh, to mine aid, for mine love
Though her winged form be sooted and blood stained
Thine voice sharing times where thou hath faced the worst
When we art together I ponder on thine hidden pain

An enchanted box lies beneath the breath of the beast
Wherein I lay mine body down to eternal rest
Speaketh within each treachourous hour love
As many arrows pierce mine elven breast

Farewell to thee, mine time hath come
Therein lies each day where mine heart was lost
For thou hold'st mine life within thy golden hands
At peace forever within an enchanted box