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You've made my life perfect

by Chris Engle

Several loves had,
And several loves lost,
I was giving up on love,
The pain too high a cost.

But then you entered my life,
And you filled me with mirth.
I thought I was nothing,
But you gave me worth.

You showed me love,
When I needed it the most.
Of which, thats a feat,
That not many can boast.

You stood by my side,
When I needed a friend,
And I know you will be here,
Until the end.

And now we're together,
We're as happy as can be.
You're more than just my girlfriend,
Your everything to me..

I feel so close you to,
I love you soo much,
Close yet so far,
I long to feel your soft touch,

I cant wait for the day,
That I get to be with you,
I constantly think,
Of all that we could do.

I love you Brittany,
you are my life,
and I cannot wait,
until the day you're my wife.