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Love me.

by Megann Lee

You showed me the love I needed.
You taught me to trust.
As the months flew by we got closer.
Then one summer day you slipped.
Told me you cheated.
I sighed for I felt like a moron.
I felt used and even sadder.
I forgave you for you swore you would never do it again.
A month or two went by.
We were once close again.
Then I got an email.
Your lover told me the truth.
You never left her but dated us both.
I left you though it was hard.
I hated doing it for you dear were my first love.
Young and foolish I may be.
Stupid and used is what I feel now.
I can't trust.
For you have hurt me emotionally.
You sent me death threats threw friends and email.
Told me I was as good as dead.
What did I do?
You did wrong.
Why must I pay?
Be scared for my life.
Have no one believe me?
Just proves to me you never loved me.
You used me to get to my friend.
Oh how betrayed I am.
How stupid you made me.
Not all true love Darling is perfect.
For you proved this to me.