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Ecstatic Tears

by Atomic

Sweet caresses of the night.
A seductive whisper there.
Pair of eyes taking in sight.
A stroke of luscious hair.

Cuddling in the center.
When spaces are abound.
Rough hands became gentler.
Speaking with no sound.

Nibbling a familiar place.
Soft sighs rang loud and clear.
Back to chest; face to face.
Taste of ecstatic tears.

Skin against skin, burning.
An obsession of wanting more.
Depths of stomach churning.
Clothes lies limply on the floor.

Eyes met eyes for the first time.
Seeing what was not there before.
A mirror hidden behind the shine.
This is love, the eyes are sure.

Following a trail of butterfly kisses.
A golden arch of her elegant back.
Moon lit night of granted wishes.
Time consuming, thrown off tracks.

A single night of wonderful bliss.
Forever and a day of remembrance.
On the morrow, nothing is amiss.
Never again this hypnotic trance.

Awoken by the morning light.
Reaches over and captured air.
Memories of the previous night.
The ecstasies they had shared.

Playing oblivion for a while.
Nothing has the aspect it use to.
Greets the world with a broken smile.
Writing poems with ink so blue.

Awaits patiently for a twist of fate.
Another chance, just one more time.
Pulsing heart, blocked by iron gates.
Its keys are these poetic rhymes.

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