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I Hate The Way

by LeAnNe

I hate the way you know,
Just what I feel inside.
I hate the way you know,
When I'm trying to hide.

Lie to you, I can not,
You just see right through.
Lie to you, I can not,
You know just what to do.

I hate the way you understand,
My sorrow, pain and fear.
I hate how good you make me feel,
Whenever you are near.

My thoughts all drift away from me,
'Till you're all that fills my head.
My dreams they all come to life,
My reality now dead.

I hate this feeling I now get,
Whenever you're around.
I hate that fact that you don't know,
My heart you've truly found.

I wish so much for you to know,
Just how I really feel.
If only you could understand,
This love so strong and real.

But 'till I find a time that's right,
My love will hide in me.
Until one day it may come out,
For everyone to see.