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Trying to get over you

by ShadowDancer

We used to be good friends
and I felt even more
you could tell me anything
and I never did get bored

and then one day she came alone
and you were swept away
so I was left alone again
to dream of yesterday

but I decided to let you go
and not to make a scene
even though she stole you
and swept away my dream

still I thought I could be strong
and got out and do the right thing
but you never seemed to leave my mind
of you my heart would sing

what have you done to me?
And when will it end?
Something is not right
I won't try to pretend

I can't get over you
No matter how hard I try
And when I see you with her
My heart begins to die

Since the day you walked away
Nothing but you seems real
And I know you can't help it
I just don't appeal

The other girl sees me
And she knows who I am
That I couldn't keep you
And she's sure that she can

But I can't stand looking at her
And wishing it was me
She's so sure of her self
Something I never can be

So what will I do
To make this pain leave
I can't stand it anymore
Make it stop.