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Time With You

by Bill Turner

If I could change my life
There is only one thing I would do
I would turn back the clock, my wife
So that I could have more time with you

I have lived a lifetime already
I want one with you
I know that you are ready
Creating more time, so much to do

I can change my fate
I want to live with you forever
It is not too late
To have a lifetime together

I feel like I have been robbed of so much
I suppose it is karmic retribution for me
I never want to be without your loving touch
Our two hearts together, wild and free

If I had known that you would come into my life
I would have lived a different way
If I had known you would be my wife
I would do everything to get just one more day

Mistakes in my life I have made
Successes I have had a few
Those I would trade
For more time with you