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You asked me for my words

by Melissa

You asked me for my words
I silenty surrender my soul
My flesh, blood, and bones fully exposed
My heart so shy but plays a role

You want me in unconventional ways
secrets forever untold
how many more days
until our hearts begin to take a toll

I could make myself translucent to let you in
I could withhold the essence of my core
either way I know I won't win
and you could be left behind sore

It's just a game we play
if not with each other, another
next time who will you portray
the lover holding a sunflower?

People of all sizes will come and go
but where are the souls you hold
will you know without saying so
or will they go before the truth is told?

You asked me for my words
try not to crush them with your teeth
for it is my heart that you utter onwards
with my soul so uniquely tucked beneath