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September Rain

by Katie Bennett

Serenity laced the field
Where we used to roam
September rain fell on our heads
Beckoning us home
Camp grounds and mountaintops
Happy and worry free
Not a care in the world
Just glad that you were with me
Seems just like yesterday
We had the world in our hands
But time flew by, life made us cry
And the lesson I understand
We ran through the fields
Underneath the sky so blue
We went to our happy place
Sorrow never knew
I reminisce of back then
When we would never part
Seems like times have changed
As I sit here with half a heart
September rain is pouring down
While in a field, I roam
But it's not like it used to be
Because by myself, I'm all alone
Seems life takes us places
We never thought we'd go
You are there and I am here
As September rain turns into snow
In my head I go back
To those fields and I cry
Cause its that same happiness
That sadness caused to die
I look at the barren field
Swaying in the wind
And silently I cry
As hurt begins to mend
Nikki, you can not choose your destiny
Know, I'm never far away
You'll be back here soon enough...
Just like September rain