Read Love Poems


by dragon

A pressure in my chest just grows and grows
It is hard to conceal but no-one knows
The feeling won't waver, it has a lasting impression
I try hard not to show it in my facial expression
Oh no, I think this is about to end.
pwww, the doors have closed and I am alone again.
5 then 4, then 3, then two
next is the lobby, then what will I do
There she is, the girl of my dreams
the doors have opened to-wards the outer beams
She steps in, the doors close, now its just us two.
she smiles, I smile, now what will i do?
I can't hold back any longer, I have to let go.
How she will act, I do not know.
The elevator opens, she laughs and departs
I stand there dejected still smelling my farts.