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Time Has Won Us Over

by edy

I never meant to hurt you
Or to even make you shed a tear
I didn't even think
That we would last all these year's

I never thought I would love you
Or tell you how much I care
But with time and days
My feelings have faded my dear

I don't know how to tell you
How to approach you
And say that I can no longer stay

There really isn't a reason
Nor a thought
As to why
I just have to go my feelings have faded
Please don't cry

There's no more I love yous
Or baby when are you coming over
Not even hey dork
We can no longer be lovers

The time has won us over
My feelings are faded
It's not like that first year when we dated

I never believed you could stop caring
Until time won us over
I thought it was a story
A myth
But now its gone, disappeared
My heart is so clear

Maybe we can be friends
From here on out
But I'm sorry that I'm leaving you with so many doubt's

I've tried so hard to love
But I just can't anymore
My heart's not the same
It's you I no longer adore