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Screen Saver

by dragon

My Screen name is Straightguy1-8-1-2
It's a pleasure to meet you, how do you do?
Your cam is on, may I please view it?
Thanks for the invite, now let's get to it.
Male or female? Your profile doesn't say.
I'm from New Jersey, yours says L.A.
Your cam is pointed down, toward a floor,
I see a blouse and a bra, next to a door.
OK I see something, mmmmm pretty feet
I would say from their size you are nice and petite
I'm getting excited, my heart pounds a beat
I think you are someone, I'd like to meet.
How about dinner or maybe a drink?
Bowling, a movie or the skating rink?
My PC speakers are making a sound
your cam's view has moved from off of the ground
Oh My God, I better re-think what I've said
I better sign off the PC and head off to bed
It's not you, it's me, but have a good night
I have to rise early, my schedule is tight.
Your cam has shown something at a quick glance
A hairy chest...
and a bulge in your pants