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Things I'm Not Able To Tell You

by PassingAngel

You look at me
And I just melt
I feel something inside I've never felt
And I just wish, just wish you could see

I know you're taken
Cause I saw you with her
She's your world, I know I'm not mistaken
And in your life, I'm just a blur

I can see you, but you can't see me
If only you would unclip my wings and set me free
I could risk a broken heart
But how can something end,
When there wasn't even a start

I drive myself crazy
Trying to decide whether I should tell you or not
But I highly doubt you love me
You probably wouldn't even give it a thought

It kills me when I'm with you
But I know I'll make it through
I wish you were mine
Even though I know it'll never happen

I tell myself comforting lies
It isn't love, you're just some guy
There's nothing there and what I feel
Is in my head, it isn't real.

I miss you so much
Even though you're sitting right next to me
I try to forget about you
But you're all I see

This secret love won't go away
Your smile and your laugh stole all the words to say
Butterflies begin fluttering
And you just make my heart sing

I tell myself it's just a crush
But I know I'm lying
When I see you I get a rush
I feel like I'm flying

Should I tell you the truth
And be proud of what I said
Will I be loved by you
Or rejected instead

Maybe some things aren't meant to be
Because I'm everything you don't see
For now I'll hide behind these fake smiles and lies
And maybe later I'll take off my mask and try.