Read Love Poems


by Sourav

Hey my darling don't be so sad
It's not good but it's not that bad
You've lost just one battle
Rest of the war is yet to be fought
You've to save the things from being distraught

Oh my angel don't feel so low
Bring back your smile that shining glow
What is past and that is gone
Those were just bad days, bad phase of your life
Life is calling you forget all those strifes

O my sweetheart please don't cry
Don't lose your heart without a try
You've few dead dreams
Now put them in to the grave
Stand up with the time and be a little brave

Darling darling! Don't look at the dust
You have to keep the faith & your trust
Just one wrong move
Now get ready for the right
You're not alone baby, together we'll fight

Yes my sweet lady I'm with you
My love kisses you in everything you do
This is the time for new beginning
Just go ahead and fight with no fear & aghast
And I will take care of your broken heart