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To Where You Are

by Jerry Scott

I want to run to where you are
despite the journey despite how far.
I want to kiss your beautiful lips
and feel your face on my fingertips.

I want to take that trip you asked
despite the trepidation of my past.
I want to be involved in all you do
so why in the world didn't I run to you?

I want to dance with you in the rain
and travel the world from Peru to Spain.
I want to hold you into the night
so why did I let you out of my sight?

To feel your heartbeat as you sleep
and pray to God your soul to keep.
To see your beautiful face age with time
and toast our love with aged wine.

To see you look on a beautiful sunset
would be a moment I'd never forget.
To lay under that palm tree in Bali
and take a cold ride in a San Francisco Trolley.

For all the times I told you "no"
i'm haunted to the core of my soul.
Many nights I lie awake
holding a well deserved heartache.

I'm left with no actions or words to say
to gain your affection and all of your days.
I guess my chance has come and past
gosh I hope the pain won't last.

I know...

I'll wish upon a shooting star
A wish to go to where you are.