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Love close Yet Far

by LadyPearl

Determined that love won't get to me
wanting things what's meant to be
you didn't know me, I didn't know you
yet my new love turned so true

But because of who I am, and who you are
our dream together seemed so far
the interests we liked we share
but our cultures we couldn't dare

afraid to be hurt like others
exchanging love for another
making myself cold
for you I couldn't hold

yet every chance you get
from the day we met
the words that you say
your love seemed to stay

even my friends realize
behind the disguise
that twinkle in your eye
a secret message lied

we never admitted how we felt
of all the feelings that we delt
for a while I let go
hoping that you would also

now new thoughts arise
making me think twice
letting back my desire
to be your one and only fire

I love you and always will
through my doubts I will still
think of you in my dreams
in my sleep a smile shall beam