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You and me

by TeArS R FaLLiNg

I thought I had loved before
But this feeling is all so very new
I have never felt this way
I am truly falling in love with you

Although we were not together for long
Before you went away
I am so excited to finally be with you
And I am looking forward to that day

I know we will be happy together
Because I want to embrace you and not let go
And I promise to always make sure
That my love for you I always show

I will give you every part of me
I promise I will not be fake
And we will build this relationship strong
So it will never ever break

I will try to make you happy
And I will give my heart to you
I only ask that you donâ?'t break it
So please promise to stay true

When I look into your eyes
It just feels so right
I want you to always be there
Want to hold you close at night

To me you are amazing
And I cannot believe that you are mine
I seriously think that we will grow closer
We will lose ourselves in time

The way you make me feel inside
No one has ever made me feel before
And when we are just talking
It leaves me wanting you more

So I hope my insecurities donâ?'t damage this
Because I never want you to go away
You just leave me speechless
So I want you to always stay

I am waiting for you, my heart is locked
And only you have the key
So wrap your arms around me
And itâ?'ll be forever you and me