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Each and every way

by Bradley Peter

I spent a week in pure despair
because i took a deadly dive
while falling in that hole i didn't care
because i just didn't feel alive

i was angry, upset and confused
and i did something terribly wrong
and what made me more bemused
i thought we we're going strong

i said some things i didn't mean
those things hurt you i know
i wish those words would have never been
i wish i could take back that blow

because of me you got hurt
believe me i feel shame
but on love I'm not expert
but i feel bad all the same

I'm the same guy i always was
i don't want things to go bad
I'm saying this all because
i don't want to lose what we had

you know I'm nothing without you
that week i thought of suicide
if you had only said what you knew
you wouldn't have left my side

so lets do it right this time
lets just say what we think
doesn't matter if it don't rhyme
i just don't want us to sink

you know i love you so much
but still I'll say it everyday
your the one i want to touch
in each and every way