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You fall in my tear

by Sarah White

I love you, I miss you
But I'm not going to cry
Cause forever and always
I'll look to the sky.
For hope and for guidance
I'll travel so far
But in the end I'll return
To the sparkle in my eye.

I love you, I miss you
But you are still here
Cause whenever I'm lonely
You fall in my tear.
You're part of my substance
Of what makes me, me
So whenever I miss you
I know that you're near.

I love you, I miss you
This will always be real
And it's true I won't see you
But your presence I'll feel.
You'll always be with me
In memories of love
So I won't go on crying
Or break what you healed.

My heart was not ready
For life to adjust
And when you left me
I was about to give up.
And when I felt down
Afraid of a smile
You came back to me
And regained my trust.

You never let go
Just watched me go forward
Treating me special
And yet being cautious.
You trusted my instincts
But let me fall back
If ever I needed,
When confidence lacked.

You gave me support
From there by my side
I love you, I miss you
But I'm not going to cry.