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Roads of Life

by Bill Turner

I have traveled the roads of life
Seeing many signs along the way
All of them pointing to my twin soul wife
Guiding me each and every day

All of the things I have done
Have led me to you
Things in my life, the entire sum
Pale in comparison to you

California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
All roads pointing to us
A year ago, I would have said, I do not know
Daily fighting and fuss

All it took was your call
I fell immediately in love
What a wonderful fall
Caught by my angel sent from above

Our hearts remained straight and true
Our souls pure and right
Giving ourselves, you to me, me to you
Loving each other day and night

We had our detours along the way
Now we travel the road of life together
We even got lost a time or two before that day
Now we live, laugh and love forever

All the roads in our life
Leading to one destiny
Our union as husband and wife
Bound together in matrimony