Read Love Poems


by LiL One

You returned to me,
That's how its suppose to be.
Were suppose to be together forever,
Now I'm feeling you more then ever.
I know I shouldn't be with you,
I need something new.
I keep coming back to the same thing,
It could just be a fling.
We both tried to leave,
But we are too young and naive.
So young to be in love,
are relationship fits like a glove.
I'm not ready,
I feel kind of unsteady.
Relationships don't usually go well,
Its like going through hell.
You have messed with others,
but I couldn't be with another.
It's just something I feel,
It's too hard to deal.
My emotions are in a whorl,
I wanna be your girl.
My emotions are mixed,
all this has to be fixed.
I need to put my emotions together,
and figure out weather I need to just set them aside.
Until then,
I'll keep thinkin again and again.